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Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:04 am
Heated clothing for... cars?        

My girlfriend leased an all-electric Ford Focus early this year. It's been an amazingly good fit for her commute, 27 miles each way on freeways that are frequently stop-and-go. Plenty of range to accomplish that and more.

However, the biggest surprise with plug-in vehicles is climate control. Both air conditioning and heating suck very significant amounts of battery, reducing the operating range a lot. Now that winter is here in Southern California
- - - pausing to let some of you finish laughing - - -
the need to stay warm in the mornings is real. I was thinking that the heater in the Focus is trying to heat the whole cabin, but in reality only the driver needs to be warm, so maybe a heated vest or something similar?

I've never used heated clothing, and I've ridden with temps in the 30s many times on the bike. But the girlfriend is made of softer stuff. I will look into the possibilities.

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