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Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:05 am
BMRx Practice Rally        

BMRx write up

the basics:
GPS Miles Riden - 2474 (D1-1066 D2-670 D3-739)
GPS Elapsed time - 59Hrs (I finished 60mins early and the GPS was off while I was asleep)
GPS Avg Speed - 42mph

Important things that I learned/re-learned

1. know and test what you've packed and where it is, even if you've packed it before & check it before you pack it again.
2. more throttle is not a substitute for the correct gear choice.
3. Sometimes the best route is back the way you came.
4. Your GPS doesn't know what the fastest route is no matter what the routing preference is.
5. Your GPS sometimes classifies ?roads? as stretches of terra-firm-a that no one would recognize as a road, path or trail.
6. if you're ridding a multi-day rally there is no substitute for just spending time riding to prepare yourself.
7. If you're not thirsty - drink anyway
8. If you're not tired - rest will still be better than continuing.
9. Put sun screen on before you get sunburn
10. maybe only applicable to the southwest ? use body lotion every rest to help stay hydrated and fresh.

Intel-A-Jet take-aways
Goal #1 for the BMRx was to sort out the Intel-A-Jet and ensure I had enough experience with it to understand both where the best setting was and when I should change it.

I should start by saying that I'm very pleased with the systems performance in general. Once I figured out that changing the fuel mixture is not a substitute for ensuring you?re in the correct gear.

As you may recall I started with a #100 main jet.
Day 1 - I was constantly fiddling with the fuel mixture, mostly while operating with a fully open throttle, riding up-hill into a strong head wind. The results were disappointing. My fuel average was roughly 57MPG and the bike lacked power to maintain speed on inclines.
Day 2 - I decided to set the control on a single setting for a day and just see how the performance was. I selected 1/2 turn rich, from a full lean setting. I was a bit concerned that this might be too lean but I seemed to get the best performance at full lean on day 1. The results were excellent. The result was a 16% increase in MPG over my avg with out the system and power delivery above half throttle was seemed better allowing me to reach highway speeds quicker and sustain them with less throttle.
Day 3 - I left the system alone and achieved identical results to day two.

Other observations:
- The system seems to start delivering fuel around 6000 RPMS. If I was cruising and the engine speed was approximately 6000, the engine seemed to surge in short spurts. I could change the surging by adjusting the Intel-A-Jet but preferred to leave it at a single point and adjust my gearing. To correct for the surging I changed gears to ensure my RPMS maintained 7-8K at which point I was much happier with both throttle response and power delivery. I like to maintain the engine speed below 9K RPM to reduce the natural oil scavenging that occurs with the transmission lubrication system.

- Garmin integrated TPMS. I generally like the system as it allowed me to check my tire pressure prior to each days ride easily. It failed to alert me when I had flat 0PSI so that's something that I'll need to work on. Actually, I think it may have provided an alert, but the 595 provides alerts for everything and I may have just missed it. lesson learned. I need to reduce the frequency of alerts that I have configured.

More to follow on the actual rally.

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