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Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:16 pm
How to stay safe/alive on a 250?        

Today I'm picking up an 06 Ninja 250 (Yellow flame colorway FTW!). My family is giving me crap about the dangers of a motorcycle, which I know comes from a good place. But this is something I've always wanted and look forward to. I'm an EXTREMELY defensive driver (sparkling clean record) and am not a kid (mid-late 20s). I believe that I can be just fine if I follow the safety standard that I regularly hold myself to in a car. I take the MSF course this weekend (plan on doing the ASF course right after when eligible). Any tips on staying safe and not getting hurt/seriously injured/killed? I don't plan on highway riding, really just summer cruising (if that makes a difference). Thanks!

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