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Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:48 pm
My Givi hard luggage setup - with side cases!        

I've wanted hard luggage for a while. I have a Givi 35 liter top case, but my soft saddlebags are old and look really dumpy, the zippers are broken, etc. But I didn't love anything in the FAQ for various reasons - too much effort to fabricate, too much modification of the bike, blocks the pillion rider, etc.

I was almost debating buying a different bike, but during my Googling I read that Givi makes a universal side luggage rack. Search for "Givi SBL-2000" and you'll find it. The catch: it's generally only available in the Southeast Asia market.

After a lot of searching, I was able to find a seller who would ship it to the US from Malaysia. The rack was about $70, the shipping about $100. It took 20 days to arrive, about 15 days of which was sitting in customs.

The rack is designed specifically for Givi's E21 / E22 side cases. I thought for a while about mounting Pelican cases and priced out some options, but when I realized how little room there is on the bike to clear the exhaust cans without also impeding a passenger, I decided the Givi E22 cases were the best option. I picked up a like-new pair on eBay for $150.

I then spent a while trying to figure out the best mount points for the rack, and made a few trips to Home Depot for various metric fasteners. It helped that I already had a Twisted Throttle top rack installed. I used one of the existing mount points for the top rack with a longer bolt, an additional bolt directly to the top rack, and the passenger footpeg bolt as the mount points. The "universal" rack parts required a little modification here - drilling out a hole a little larger to fit the footpeg bolt, and some strategic bends to get everything aligned.

I'm very happy with the end result. While ~$340 isn't exactly cheap, I think it was worth it. The whole setup looks good, the racks and bags seem solid, the bags are easy to open, close, and remove, and I didn't have to modify the bike much at all. The one permanent modification I did make was to shorten the rear turn signal stalks so that the racks would clear them (I had already swapped them to the stock rear side reflector mount locations in the past). Technically this probably means there isn't DOT-approved clearance between the rear signals, but they're still pretty far apart.

I haven't taken any long rides with the new setup, but I will be doing some bike camping later this summer, and I'm looking forward to having the extra waterproof space.


Givi SBL-2000 universal rack parts:

The right-side rack mounted to the bike:

Right side of bike without side case attached:

Right side of bike with side case attached:

Looking like a real touring bike!

As a separate project, I wired some extra brake light LED strips into my Givi top case. Here you can also see the shortened rear turn signal stalks.

Closeup of some of the bends I ended up making on one of the universal rack pieces:

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