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Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:19 pm
Carb issue        

Hey all! Another new guy here. I got the itch to ride again and thought I'd pick up a 06, 250. I've done some track riding and have owned bikes from KLR650 to a Monster. I picked up this bike cheap and thought I'd put some time into it and enjoy getting on two wheels again.

I can get the bike to start if I spray starter fluid in so I figured it was a fuel issue. I put some fresh gas and pulled the line off after the petcock and cranked it over, fuel began to flow so I figured petcock was good.

So I pulled the carbs apart and cleaned them out. Found some clogged jets (the usual). Checked the slide diaphragms - no cracks no tears. So I put them back together and still doesn't start.

Spray starter fluid - starts.. disassembled again. re-cleaned, blew out all the passages - everything blows through and reassembled.... still doesn't start... Spray starter fluid - starts.. then dies of course.

Anything I'm missing? Can the slide diaphragms be bad even though they aren't torn or damaged? Anything I can try to eliminate something? Def seems like a fuel issue..

Any help would be great and much appreciated!

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