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Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:36 am
*pics heavy* GPX250R Naked/StreetFigher        

Good day everyone. wave
I figured that some of you might be interested in some fresh ideas on modification of subframe (since i haven't seen anything done similarly), so here is my take on this topic. Also, i want to mention it beforehand, that english is my second languge (first being russian), so get a few laughs out of my writing along the way, just don't bash me with it. Very Happy
I don't have a set structure for this topic, so i will show what i had to start with and what i have now.




Almost there...

Some more cutting (plastic this time)

Regarding the powertrain. No major changes were made. At first i was going to replace my own, good to nothing at that point, engine with newer one, from this poor thing:

But then, my technical OCD kicked in and this sort of happened on me I dunno

You can see this necessery evil of mass production here. Casting marks (seams) inside intake and exhaust ports.

All done. Surface roughness stayed the same, but i got rid of those ungodly irregulations alongside ports

At the end of the day, i was left with one engine, made out of two sets of components.

Also, as it happens, my father is a decent car painter. Scheme was designed looking at KTM Racing motorcycles, but with its own differences. Regarding paint compound itself, it was desided without my attention. I just asked for basic layout of things and basic colour and said "Make it RAD". Was not dissapointed Cool

Also, also, every bolt and nut was replaced with stainless steel ones. Which is nice. Smile
There are far more to it (given that its been 4 years in making Coffee ), a lot of little details and such, and i would rather answer whatever questions anyone might have (if any), than go on and on about stuff aimlessly.

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